Jeremy is a huge fan of Ken Dodd [sample joke that admittedly he has been telling since 1954: "What a lovely day for knocking on the front door of the Kremlin and asking: ‘Is Len in?"] As such, he will, if Doddy kicks the bucket, harbour the lingering guilt that it was his fault he died. On the other hand, he also really wants to finish higher up the table than Cate. Sorry, Ken.

Current choices

Nancy Barbato
Little Richard
Henry Kissinger
Rose West
Jimmy Carter
Ken Dodd
Vera Lynn


Helmut Kohl

Peter Sallis
"Death of a legend"

Liz Smith

Denis Healey
"Wasn't he on my list?"

Anna Wing
"Oooh! Have I got another one?!"

Robin Gibb
"Good old Robin. I knew he'd do the right thing"

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