Corey invents things, and although deathly afraid of germs, he feels strangely compelled to touch things in his spare time. He is also an American.
Current ranking: 2

Current choices

NEW! Muhammad Ali
Bees will have something to do with it
Sarah Palin
Gored To Death By a Moose
Earvin 'Magic' Johnson
Poisoned by pro-AIDS activists
Rip Torn
Killed In A Shoot Out With The Police
Sam Waterston
Receives Death Penalty and is Executed by the State of New York (sweet sweet irony)
NEW! Dick Cheney
"The Devil himself will rise from far down in the deepest darkest pits of the underworld and declare: I WANT MY SOUL BACK!"
NEW! Bashar al-Assad
"Shot and killed by a nail gun!"

NOTES: As very specific means of clogpopping have been predicted here, an extra 20 points will be awarded for each that fulfils its prophecy.

Elizabeth Taylor
"Oh my!"

Muammar 'Colonel' Gaddafi
"I thought I was going to get Muammar points in a matter of weeks when I took him"

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