Creative genius Cate lives in nun-like seclusion with her eleven-legged feline terror unit in the construction site known as Dubai. In her spare time she plans bank jobs and the humiliation of her enemies. She likes country music and ponies.

Cate would like to have been Lee Harvey Oswald in a previous life, but her only brush with celebrity death came when she was nearly mown down by Bob Hope's limo outside the Theatre Royal in Nottingham.

Current choices

Donald Trump
"Let's get him on the board!"
Charles Manson
"Although he's probably crazy enough to live to 100!"
Stephen Hawking
"Surely a strong gust of wind would do it"
Ian Brady
"Why are they force-feeding him? I say let him die!"
Kirk Douglas
"Permanently at death's door - until I picked him. Eternal life grabbed him at that point"
Zsa Zsa Gabor
"For heaven's sake! She just...keeps...bloody...going"
Peter Sutcliffe
"If Brady won't go, then Sutcliffe can do the honours"


Zsa Zsa Gabor

Nancy Reagan
"Gone to Ronnie!"

Margaret Thatcher
"Surely Nancy Reagan can't be far behind now???!"

Norman Wisdom

Humphrey Lyttleton
"Farewell then, Humph"

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