Anna-Belle lives alone with a cat and hopes that this will not always be the case. On her way to 30 she makes yearly resolutions to stop dressing like a teenager but so far has been unable to quit baggy jeans, skate trainers or hoodies.

A high-school fortune teller predicted Anna-Belleís own demise would be in a "blaze of glory" and that she would come back as a sock.

Current choices

Valentino Rossi
"Banana skin on the Donington Park MotoGP track - itís the only way"*
Sophia Loren
"Over-exposure in the next Pirelli Calendar shoot"*
The Reverend Al Green
"Anvil. He got his Life Time Achievement Award last year, can't be long now"*
Nick Griffin
"Hopefully he'll be assassinated"


Ronnie Biggs

Jade Goody

Kim Jong-Il

*As very specific means of clogpopping have been predicted here, an extra 20 points will be awarded for each that fulfils its prophecy.

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