Alex 'I Do VooDoo' Forsyth
Alex has always had an affinity with the dead - or at least smoked a lot of pot in various graveyards in his youth.

After fleeing Dubai, he can now be found prodding the remains of roadkill in the wilds of Norfolk (cats, dogs, construction workers) during the wee hours and chanting voodoo spells found on the internet - all in the pathetic hope of raising his own zombie army.

Oh, and he likes beer too. Lots of beer. And guns.

Current choices

William Shatner
"About time the little coke-monkey 'boldly went' "
Prince Harry
"Back from Afghanistan with a giant target on his back"
Lewis Hamilton
"F1 cars, ridiculous speeds, hard tarmac, explosions, young talented genius - a typical 'death of a prodigy' moment waiting to happen. Can't wait!"

NOTE: Alex wanted little Suri Cruise ["Oooh, Scientology sacrifices! Cool!"], but we've banned the selection of anyone under 5. So there.


Christopher Lee

Osama Bin Laden

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